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DR | PR Consulting's primary service centers around media relations, helping clients secure earned media placements that reach the relevant target audience. Small and large companies, organizations and individuals often fail to adopt a “think media” mentality and do not realize that much of what they do could be turned into a story. DR | PR works to ensure that each client’s unique voice and narrative -- utilizing a "thought leadership" approach -- achieve continued media recognition.

The practice of public relations also does not stop at media outreach. Our team is in a unique position to manage the full spectrum of strategic communications needs from marketing and branding to website and social media development.

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Media Relations / Publicity

DR | PR Consulting has particular expertise in helping clients craft substantive messaging, coupled with counsel on responding to breaking news and trends based on years of experience working with reporters, editors and producers. With a deep knowledge of the national, international and hyper local media landscape, the firm helps clients create a long term communications plan that coincides with goals for public recognition.

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Thought Leadership PR

Yes, it's a buzzword, but it's a proven PR approach that places a particular emphasis on amplifying organizational leadership and subject matter experts. By showcasing the prowess of individuals, the company's overall image gains an even higher level of legitimacy. We work closely with leadership at all levels to devise a strategy centered around fostering opportunities for "thought leaders" to consistently offer their unique voice in earned media and on social media.

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Content Development

With a knack for creative writing, the firm strategizes ideas for assets like opinion pieces (op-eds) and blogs, puts pen to paper on behalf of the client and subsequently works to find the appropriate outlet for each unique piece of content. Additionally, DR | PR Consulting provides direction on best practices in highlighting content on the web for members of the media to consume.

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Crisis Communications

With specific experience in dealing with high profile institutions, executives and public figures, DR | PR helps clients to coordinate response and to manage reputation when issues arise. We provide foresight into potential scenarios that may occur and offer counsel on how to “weather the storm” properly.


Social Media Management

With the advent of tech and the evolution of the constant news cycle, it is essential that companies, organizations and thought leaders have a strong and consistent presence on social media. The firm helps set the right tone and provides messaging tailored to followers and news cycle trends along with the long term goal of growing overall presence. DR | PR typically prioritizes a social media strategy centered around a robust Twitter presence, as it pertains to timely reaction to news. In addition to social media content creation, our social media experts develop comprehensive plans to initiate engagement with current and new audiences that seek to increase followership across the appropriate platforms.

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Media Training

When we secure media interviews, we spend a significant amount of time with clients guiding in best practices for live and recorded broadcast TV and radio appearances and interviews with journalists and podcasts, whether in-person or virtually. This preparation includes providing concise talking points, potential questions and answers, and mock interviews so that the client is ready once the camera goes on.

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Podcast Ideation & Production

The audience and desire for podcasts keeps growing and growing. Estimates predict that by 2024, podcasting will have reached 100 million listeners. Hosting a podcast can serve as a highly effective thought leadership conduit to engage current and potential constituents, and provides tangible content opportunities on social media. From ideation to production, we can work closely with you on concept, strategy all while handling all of the technical production needs.

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Website Creation

We provide web creation, design, architecture, full messaging suite and branding recommendations that make the most sense for the client’s target audience. We believe in web presence containing a clear vision that vividly tells your story with a design and platform that are both edgy and easily navigable. DR | PR's branding and web team takes clients through all of the steps needed to amplify the most significant components of an organization’s work and mission with a new website.

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Good quality imagery is critical for optics. Whether it's having an assortment of organic photos that shows the essence of your organization, professional headshots of leadership, tailored shots curated for social media purposes, or capturing a key event to share with the press, DR | PR can run the entire photography gamut for individuals and companies.

If you think the above services will help your business or organization, let's talk.

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