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DR | PR Consulting is a New York City-based public relations firm specializing in helping mission-driven organizations, companies and individuals gain more exposure for their work in local, national, international and trade media. Generating “buzz” -- even with content that’s newsworthy -- is no easy feat in today’s cluttered digital media environment. Led by David Robbins, a communications practitioner with over a decade of experience across a number of industries, DR | PR handles media relations in a tactful fashion with a deep understanding of today’s hyperactive news cycle and a keen sense of messaging that resonates.

DR | PR works closely with its clients to generate increased public awareness for their brand and initiatives. We believe in digging in deep and spending as much time as needed with our clients in order to understand what they are looking for and how we can translate that vision quickly to pique the interest of appropriate media. We employ detailed short and long term planning along with a public-facing vision that is consonant with the client’s goals.

Handling PR for clients also crosses over into the overall strategic communications umbrella. Clients can be rest assured that DR | PR employs a holistic approach with a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between public relations, marketing, branding, social media and digital presence.

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